Public holidays and school holidays in Germany

Overview of public, church and national holidays in all German states with school holidays and bridging days. For national holidays and school holidays there are also individual overviews by holiday type and for the entire country.

Upcoming Public Holidays

Public holiday Date States
German Unity Day 03.10.2021 (Sunday) (all) (all)
Reformation Day 31.10.2021 (Sunday) BW, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, MP, Lower Saxony, Saxony, ST, SH, Thuringia BW, BB, HB, HH, MP, NI, SN, ST, SH, TH
All Saints 01.11.2021 (Monday) BW, Bavaria, NRW, RLP, Saarland BW, BY, NW, RP, SL
Day of Repentance and Prayer 17.11.2021 (Wednesday) Bavaria, Saxony BY, SN
Christmas Day 25.12.2021 (Saturday) (all) (all)
Second Christmas Day 26.12.2021 (Sunday) (all) (all)
New Year's Day 01.01.2022 (Saturday) (all) (all)
Epiphany 06.01.2022 (Thursday) BW, Bavaria, ST BW, BY, ST
International Women's Day 08.03.2022 (Tuesday) Berlin BE
Maundy Thursday 14.04.2022 (Thursday) BW BW
Good Friday 15.04.2022 (Friday) (all) (all)

Upcoming School Holidays

Type Start date End date
Autumn holidays in Hamburg 04.10.2021 15.10.2021
Autumn holidays in Schleswig-Holstein 04.10.2021 16.10.2021
Autumn holidays in Berlin 11.10.2021 23.10.2021
Autumn holidays in Brandenburg 11.10.2021 23.10.2021
Autumn holidays in Hesse 11.10.2021 23.10.2021
Autumn holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia 11.10.2021 23.10.2021
Autumn holidays in Rhineland-Palatinate 11.10.2021 22.10.2021
Autumn holidays in Bremen 18.10.2021 30.10.2021
Autumn holidays in Lower Saxony 18.10.2021 29.10.2021
Autumn holidays in Saarland 18.10.2021 29.10.2021